Why Ikon Pass Chose Spot as their Official Insurance Provider

March 10, 2022

What’s the only thing more painful than wiping out on the mountain? The massive ER bills that follow. That’s why we partnered with Ikon Pass to offer their pass holders financial protection and peace of mind on the slopes.

What is Spot Injury Coverage?

A Spot policy can pay Ikon Pass holders’ out-of-pocket medical bills when they get hurt on any Ikon Pass destination mountain.

You too can add a custom Spot policy to your mountain or organization. Read on to learn how.

How Does it Work?

It’s simple! Spot coordinates with any existing health plan to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses for covered injuries—and it even covers pass holders who don’t have health insurance at all. Here’s what else is in it for them:

  • Up to $25K for out-of-pocket medical costs per injury
  • $0 deductible
  • See any licensed physician—no network of doctors
  • Peace of mind they won’t find anywhere else

What Activities are Covered?

Pass holders are covered for sudden injuries while skiing and snowboarding on any Ikon Pass destination worldwide.

What Medical Expenses are Covered

Spot's plan covers costs from a doctor-recommended treatment plan up to $25,000 for any covered physical injury as long as it is carried out by a licensed medical professional. Treatment plans can include diagnostic scans, hospital stays, ER visits, surgeries, and emergency transportation. Basically, anything a licensed medical professional recommends that an individual needs to recover from their accident.

Who Can Purchase Injury Coverage?

Ikon Pass holders can now add Spot Injury Coverage to their pass for peace of mind on the mountain for the 22/23 season. We’ve also partnered with many other organizations across the active lifestyle space to protect their customers from debilitating medical bills.

Interested in Partnering with Spot?

Our custom-tailored injury insurance can be added as a benefit to your ski resort’s season passes and daily lift tickets. Join Ikon Pass, Telluride, Alterra Mountain Co., USA Cycling, Strongman Corporation, and many more world-class organizations in the active lifestyle industry that have already partnered with Spot.  

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