Gym Anxiety: How Injury Insurance Can Help the Fitness Industry

January 20, 2022

Attending fitness clubs, exercise studios, pilates classes, cycling studios, and yoga centers is an important part of keeping our physical and mental health in check. But for many, staying active isn’t so simple. One reason? Fear of injury is also known as “gym-xiety” and the financial toll it can have. According to new research conducted by SWSN found that 46% of Americans have anxiety about injuring themselves when they work out.

Medical costs are rising

The rising cost of medical care in today’s world can hurt consumers and businesses alike. Thousands of people are injured in gyms and exercise classes across the US every year. Never had an exercise-related injury? I’d bet you’ve heard at least a story or two: Katie who sprained her wrist lifting weights. John who dropped a dumbbell and broke his toe.

These are cautionary tales for some, but this caution can morph into fears for others that deter them from entering the active lifestyle space altogether.

Fear of injury can hurt your business

As medical costs rise, attending a fitness studio is a huge risk that many of us simply cannot afford to take —meaning much of the fitness industry is missing out on an untapped market of potential customers.

Enter: injury insurance

Adding injury coverage to your memberships gives people peace of mind, and it shows that you prioritize your members’ health and safety.

Accidents are unavoidable—no matter how hard you try to keep your members safe Injuries big and small can leave your members with staggering medical expenses that could affect their ability to continue their membership at your gym.

How Spot can help

Spot Accident Coverage (TM) is custom-tailored injury insurance that can financially protect your members and turn the worst fitness experiences into some of the best. It also helps attract and retain members, especially those who are concerned about getting hurt.

Give your community the assurance that their health and safety are top priorities while providing them with an amazing experience—a win for your business and your members.

Interested in partnering with Spot and learning more about how injury insurance can potentially help your business? Fill out the form below.

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