Strongman Corporation Buy-Up

Compete with confidence — you’re covered.

Our injury insurance policy pays up to $25,000 of your covered medical bills with $0 deductible — so you can get stronger than ever. Add on a full year of coverage that comes with your Strongman Corporation membership.

Yep, you’re covered anytime you’re competing at a Licensed Strongman Corporation event.

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Every lift. Every body.

Coverage Overview


Accident Medical Expense Coverage


Accidental Death or Dismemberment


Heart and Circulatory



Who is covered?

All citizens or permanent residents of the United States, including individuals holding valid temporary work visas, who purchase the Spot Buy-Up coverage with their Strongman Corporation membership.

What is covered?

Accidental injuries while competing in any Licensed Strongman Corporation events.

When are you covered?

While competing in strength competitions hosted by Licensed Strongman Corporation.

Where are you covered?

Anywhere in the world.

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We’ve got you covered.

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