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Take it from some of the biggest names out there.

Peace of mind while riding and racing is an amazing membership benefit. We added Spot to our Plus levels of membership in 2021 and saw a great response from members of all ages and skill levels.

Erika Lehman
CMO, USA Cycling

We are always looking for ways to add benefits for pass holders. Spot offers additional financial protection and peace of mind.

Erik Forsell
CMO, Alterra Mountain Company

What you get for your business


When your customers know they’re safe from massive medical costs, they know they can chase what they enjoy without hesitation. And that’s peace of mind they won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention more value for you. Cha-ching.

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We know when your customers file a claim. Which means we collect data that gives you insight into how they’re getting hurt. So you can make enhancements that mitigate risk for even the most accident-prone.


We do the heavy lifting so you don’t turn into insurance agents. Or tech nerds. That’s on us. We’re real humans who provide support every step of the way, from signing up to filing a claim.

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What you get for your customer


No two partners are the same. That’s why we give your customers the right amount of coverage for whatever it is they’re getting into. Because let’s face it—dropping into a black diamond is different than, say, dropping a kettlebell on your foot.


Ever have an insurance experience that actually helps with your claims? Well, now you will. And that means happy customers. And happy customers are great for business.

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